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Bronze Casting Services in Cochrane, AB

man working in a bronze workshop

How do you capture a moment for thousands of years? By putting it in bronze, of course! At Studio West Bronze Foundry & Art Gallery, you can view (and take home) bronze that highlights life in Western Canada. Though these bronze castings feature all the details of our full-size monuments, they are much easier to accommodate in your home, office or garden, with pieces ranging in size from miniature to life-size.

A bronze sculpture makes a wonderful gift to a loved one or as a corporate gift. They also serve as beautiful and enchanting focal points, perfect for any home or office. Best of all, limited edition bronze sculptures can be purchased for as little as $300.

Some of our most popular bronzes include - animals, industry and trades, historic and military figures, pioneer women, children at play, western and ranch life, and the scale model (maquettes) of our several monuments and statues.


Miniature to Life-Size

Want to learn more about the bronzes we use?

Bronze That Highlights Life in Western Canada

See our artwork and bronze pieces.

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